FAQ's - Welcome to Shop N Go

I have just registered, what are my next steps:

1.      Log in and input the address you are currently at or select the location icon

2.     Begin by scrolling to your preferred Grocery Store, once done you can start adding products to your basket

3.     Begin the Checkout process

4.     Select whether you want 'Home Delivery' or 'Pick up'

                 a.  If delivery option is selected then choose 'Deliver here'

                 b.  If you would like to deliver the basket to another Address just simply click on 'Add Address' and insert the new address                                     

5.     Schedule your Orders by picking the 'Select Date' and 'Select time'

6.     Proceed to Pay,

7.      Select your preferred Payment Method,

                 a.      Pay By Cash or Credit Card.

8.  Once done you will receive notifications from the Shop 'N Go team . Begin to check your notifications for your orders accordingly

9.  Let your orders get Accepted, Placed, Dispatched and Completed